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As a veteran teacher with 30 years of experience, I know that parents often cannot help their children due to time constraints and other influences; therefore, I started VEDTASC in an effort to assist parents and students be more successful in preparing their students for experience beyond the classroom.

Most students want to learn, but they can be hampered by the speed of a class, the methodology used to present the material, or the atmosphere in the classroom. All of these things can prevent or limit learning. I believe that VEDTASC can help through teacher led instructional tutoring. Homework help is one thing, but if a student does not understand a concept, they need someone to explain it to them. Our goal is to provide that help.

VEDTASC also offers an ACT Prep course designed to help your child understand the test including question types, time constraints, scores, and helpful hints to maximize their score. Many students do not do well on the test because they are unfamiliar with the layout and design of the test; further, a timed test presents a difficulty because students fill that they must hurry through the test. Finally, knowing the test helps students create a strategy for taking the test which will help them feel more confident about their final test scores.

Scholarships are important in our modern educational system, and some students miss out on funds because of failure to complete forms adequately, poorly written essays, or timeliness. Parents may not have the time to review scholarships before they are submitted, or students may want to do it themselves. Our services offers interactive feedback and discussion on the appropriate way to fill in a scholarship, editing essays, and writing assistance if needed. While we cannot guarantee that your student will get that scholarship, we can offer them their best chance.

VEDTASC is here to serve your student's needs whatever those needs may be.

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